20/04/2018 11:47
Hi, Is there another way to do what I'm trying to do in Oracle 9i forSolaris? In a stored procedure, I want to disable some foreign keyconstraints, perform some actions, and then re-enable them. However,when trying to compile the package, I get the errors. The code isbelow that.
LINE/COL ERROR-------------------------------------------------------------------------57/2 PLS-00103: Encountered the symbol ALTER when expecting oneof the following: begin case declare exit.... read more

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19/04/2018 11:47
Hi All, I am new in IAS. I am trying to install IAS 10g (9.0.4), on WIn2000.
both IAS & Infra in same server, one Database.
It used to be running, but today it won't start.
Here is the error : Application Server Control : Status = DownFarm=Infrastructure database is unavailable(but using sqlplus, I have succesfully log-in into that'Infrastructure database') Components : Forms -> UnavailableOC4J_BI_Forms -> UnavailableReports Server: rep_sysloginfra -> Status = [inprogress,.... read more

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18/04/2018 11:47
Hello out there! I am just planning a new Reporting Application for a large chain ofbakeries. I have done already applications like this, but not with thatamount of Data.
Roughly, the Bakery has 120 Shops.
Each Bakery has about 500 Customers per DayEach customer buys 2 Different Items in Average. There are about 100different Items.
so this makes120*500*2 = 120000 Items bought per day120000*6 = 720000 per week720000*50 =36.000.000 per Year with 300 buisness days Raw data is delivered in the fo.... read more

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17/04/2018 11:47
Hi, I've been asked to install Oracle LDAP on 8i.
Ok, I have no clue about where to start. I grabbed a script ofMetalink and tried to compile it and received the following errors: 9/22 PLS-00201: identifier 'DBMS_LDAP.SESSION' must be declared9/22 PL/SQL: Item ignored10/22 PLS-00201: identifier 'DBMS_LDAP_UTL.PROPERTY_SET_COLLECTION'must be declared 10/22 PL/SQL: Item ignored11/22 PLS-00201: identifier 'DBMS_LDAP.STRING_COLLECTION' must bedeclared .... read more

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16/04/2018 11:47
Hi, I am using Oracle 9i ( on WindowsXP. I created the primarydatabase and using Dataguard, I created a physical standby database ona different machine. The configuration is working good and no problems.
Next i tried to verify the switchover operation using the dataguardmanager GUI.
During the switchover process an error occured (Exception Cobrasomething). After this my management server service is not starting andwhen I try to connect to the primary database the error Ora-0103: Oracle .... read more

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15/04/2018 11:47
I have to copy a DB from Solaris to HP-UX. The versions of Oracle andthe db names will be the same. I have one major hitch and question. The hitch - export/import is not an option. I can get a cold backupfor laying the db down on the HP-UX box, but from then on, I will needto roll forward using logs until the decision is made to cut overbetween the two boxes. My question: Will there be any OS compatibilty issues for the control, data and logfiles? Meaning, will Oracle on HP-UX be able to re.... read more

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14/04/2018 11:47
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13/04/2018 11:47
I worked on Oracle 9i for a while under Window 2000 environment. Ijust started working on 10g, and work like to clarify a confusion.
In Oracle 9i, it was recommanded that the Archive Log folder (disk)should be doifferent from the folder (disk) for storing the RMANfiles. But in 10g, it looks like they are to be kept inflash_recovery_area. Is this contradict what it should be definedbefore ? Also there is maximum size definition of the flash_recovery_area.
Should I defined the total size of th.... read more

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12/04/2018 11:47
I have a string of id's and True or False values. I could have 50000pairs. Like: 2,t,6,t,9,f I am new to oracle and I am tring to make apackage. so basically I need to look threw the string for updateactive(t or f) where id=number I am new to Oracle. Below does not seem to work. I don't get anyerrors AS PROCEDURE Update_Route_Camera(CSArray IN VARCHAR2)ISi NUMBER;x number;y varchar2(1);BEGIN-- initialisei := 0;LOOPi := i+1;EXIT WHEN instr(CSArray, ',', 1, i) = 0;-- get first valu.... read more

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11/04/2018 11:47
Hi , In oracle 9i, admin. guide in chapter 25 a caution is mentioned: It is on the topic of Specifying Default Roles http://download-west.oracle.com/docs/cd/B10501_01/server.920/a96521/privs.htmCaution: When you create a role (other than a user role), it is granted to youimplicitly and added as a default role. You receive an error at loginif you have more than MAX_ENABLED_ROLES. You can avoid this error byaltering the user's default roles to be less than MAX_ENABLED_ROLES.
Thus, you should c.... read more

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10/04/2018 11:47
I am on Oracle 9i with a HPUX platform and we are using Sql loader toload tables from flat files. With external tables now available tohandle this task, I was wondering which performs better. A directload with sqlldr or using the external table.
I am leaning towards the ET because it will eliminate the need for astaging table that we use on the sql loader method.

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09/04/2018 11:47
Hi, We are planning an upgrade from 8.1.7 and 9.2.0 to 10gR2. There are fewdatabases on Windows NT and few on Solaris. And here are some of myapprehensions: 1. Is any characterset not supported on 10gR2?2. What is meant by 'encrypted objects'? Is it tough to upgrade them?3. By upgrading to 10gR2, are we talking about moving from 32-bit to64-bit or vice-versa? How will it impact the upgrade process? Thanks,Raghu

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08/04/2018 11:47
Hi all.
I'm building a web app using Oracle 10g (NOT AS) and PL/SQL. It's fairlysimple: a few packages producing web forms and pages writing/reading datato/from my tables.
I'm trying now to figure out what are my options for managing authenticatedaccess to some of my procedures.
I'd like to use db authentication (Oracle username/password), but I've neverdone this before: I browsed the Internet and the docs but couldn't clear upmy mind.
My questions are: 1) can I do d.... read more

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07/04/2018 11:47
hy, my system have a Database Oracle on a server Linux distro Susewith Oracle Entarprise Manager 10g I'm doing a little programm in Visual c++ that do a query on thedatabase from an other pc with windows in a network with the linux pc.
But i have a problem with the connection to the Db, infact when i openthe database i have this error on oracle Db: ORA-12505: TNS:listner does not currently know of SID given in connectdescriptor (DBD ERROR: OCI ServerAttach) and my software connect to datab.... read more

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05/04/2018 11:47
Hi, all.
I have a database server which has a failover server.
There is suspicion that the failover server may have been omitted in acouple of instances when we applied patches to the production server.
We did not use OPatch to apply these patches.
Is there a way to confirm between the two servers which patches havebeen applied, so we can establish whether they are indeed out of sync? Thanks! DW

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