20/04/2018 10:19
Is it allowed to use double precision operations inside vector handlers in modules which are written in C? I am using FPEmulator_ChangeContext to save the actual context of the FPE at the entry of of the vector handler and replace it by an own context. At the end I am restoring the context with the same function.
However inside Castles C/C++ Docs there is a note about the FPE which says This rules out the use of floating point via the C compiler.
But the part above relates to RISC OS Versions pr.... read more

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19/04/2018 10:19
Hi, I'm trying to connect my new Windows XP laptop (with VRPC) to my RRPC (RealRPC).
I've done this in the past with LanMan98, but obviously the firewall on XP prevents the connection to be 'life'.
I've seen Paul Vigays page on onnecting and I've followed his advise of opening port 137 and 139, but this was for Omni, which I do not have.
Is it possible with LanMan98? The other way round is done with Samba, but that goes slow.
anyone? Best Regards Wim -- wim ekels @ ek.... read more

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18/04/2018 10:19
Hello, I've been trying to install !Bookmaker on a RiscPC with 4.02. It's made from bits of a couple of machines and it all works now, more or less, except for !Bookmaker.
When I try to run it, I get the following error windows, First window Message:- Can't locate the address books (applications have not been seen by the filer) Exit Option:- Quit Second window Message:- Unexpected termination e.g.abort()function) Exit Options:- Postmortem or Cancel .... read more

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15/04/2018 10:19
I want to delete a sprite from the sprite pool by name from a single-tasking BASIC program.
I can't see from PRM1 p781 how I would do this, as it doesn't seem to reference the WIMP sprite pool. Should I be using Wimp_SpriteOP instead - if so, how? Or do I actually have to search for the sprite name myself to find a pointer to it? I'm a bit puzzled.
John -- John Williams, Wirral, Merseyside, UK - no attachments to these addresses! Non-RISC OS posters change user to johnrwilliams or p.... read more

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14/04/2018 10:19
Is it possible to create an A5 PDF file? I can't find my manual at this moment.
-- Nigel Gatherer, Crieff, Scotland mailto:nigel@nigelgatherer.com

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13/04/2018 10:19
Hi folks, for a couple of weeks an apple power book has been added to the computers I work on. As a result I find: While everyone knows that windows is a bother (oh, occasionally it does something useful for me) I have now found that also apple would have a lot to learn from RISC OS. There just isn't any system that is so easy and fast to work on as the latter.
What made me write this as kind of a last straw was that I parked a number of files from my mem-stick on the apple. Later copied the.... read more

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10/04/2018 10:19
The screen saver doesn't work properly. In fact, it _always_ occurs an error (after a certain time) if it is running.
The opening of !boot -> fonts results in a mess. I get a big window with just 5 icons. The letters are anywhere.
!Boot -> Keyboard -> Caps lock works here reverse. That means that I have to tick the option 'Caps lock -> On' to have it switched off after a restart! May be I will find more. I haven't RISC OS 6 for such a long time now.
This doesn't m.... read more

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06/04/2018 10:19
I remember a problem similar to this when using antispam. I have the standard inet.apps.user mail directory set up, but the mail gets delivered to internet.spool.input but disappears from there without getting to the user inbox. It just disappears. I have recently reinstalled an older version of Antsuite (i have two *bought* copies) as I can't lay my hands on the newer version, but I updated to 1.31 and marcel 1.53 from paul vigay's site.
The problem occured when I was downloading a .... read more

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02/04/2018 10:19
Is it still banned? Surprised it isn't available to download anywhere.
Andrew --

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01/04/2018 10:19
Just bought an Iyonix, and have an old RISC PC (RO3.5), and a null modem cable which the supplier tells me is the right kind with 2 of the pins in each plug shorted out.
The interim manual which came with the Iyonix says it's easy to set up a RISC OS to RISC OS network, and thus emboldend I attached the null modem cable to the serial ports, followed Castle's instructions (one page, eight lines of text, 3 screenshots). Did the same on the old RISC PC. In both cases what I did was pretty.... read more

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31/03/2018 10:19
Hi, I'm thinking of having a large graphic on a website. It's 5MB as a sprite but compresses down to 44k as a gif.
Firstly, is 44k still too big for dial-up users? Would you notice the wait time and want to go elsewhere? What is 'large' and 'small' to dial-up users anyway? Secondly, I presume the browser uncompresses the image for display and if it uncompressed it to the full 5MB could this cause problems for users with low memory? Do the RO browsers have ways around thes.... read more

9 answersclick here to view

28/03/2018 10:19
Is any one getting problems today trying to get into Barclay ibank there internet banking.
-- To mail me remove, foobar.

4 answersclick here to view

27/03/2018 10:19
I am in the process of getting my PlusNet broadband account upgraded from 512k to 2M. The router is connected at 2M. As measured using Oregano2 the speeds using BT's speed tester are compatible with a 2M but PlusNet's speed tester is only showing 512k speeds. As far as I can see PlusNet have done the necessary and I have seen some increase in download speeds. However Oregano2 is still only showing speeds of 500kbps or less. On the other hand Firefox on the same plusnet speed tester is sh.... read more

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26/03/2018 10:19
Trying to 32 bit a C program using C vsn 5.51.
(First time using 'C' The program comes with a makefile and files.
Running makefile re-complies the code and a !runimage file is produced.
The program then run ok.
The program comes with a compiled risc_oslib, so I changed it for the one that came with the 'C' compiler and tried to re-compile.
The following error is produced.
ARM Linker: (Error) Undefined symbol(s).
ARM Linker: event__current_menu, referred to from @.o.WimpIfa.... read more

3 answersclick here to view

25/03/2018 10:19
I've been trying to download sources-123.tar, but it gets as far as 14MB (Oregano 2) or 14.48MB (NetSurf), then stalls. Is there a problem with this file, or is it maybe broken in a cache somewhere on the Internet? Dave

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