16/06/2018 10:19
I have found that when using something like: <A HREF=mailto:reservations@walking-in-germany.co.uk?Subject=Booking for Holiday Ref. BRI &body=I want to book the Baden Red Wine Trail, Tour Ref. BRI%0a%0d%0a%0d I was led to your website by %0a%0d%0a%0d My name is %0a%0d%0a%0d My full postal address is %0a%0d%0a%0d My telephone number is %0a%0d%0a%0d Please phone me on this number at the following time %0a%0d%0a%0d Start date of holiday in Germany %0a%0d%0a%0d .... read more

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15/06/2018 10:19
Why do I have such problems taking material on CD-RW between machines? I have CDburn on my main machine which has a CD-RW.
I find that discs are not readable on my second RPC, or by VA5000 on a Win2k laptop. However, the same disc is readable on the machine that wrote it - and can be read by PCs, inculding the Win2k side of the aformentioned laptop.
What settings should I use for ISO 9660 naming options and for Extensions? -- andrew.mcmullon@tesco.net

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14/06/2018 10:19
Hello everyone. I have a question about catching a drag and drop event. Although I have programmed in C for a while, I am just learning about WIMP programming (using Desklib). I have set up a simple window and got stuff inside it mostly working. However, I have a file icon and would like to have a handler which is called when a file is dropped onto that icon. The problem is that I can not find a way of doing it - I have used event_claim and then event_ANY for that icon, but no joy for actually d.... read more

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13/06/2018 10:19
My Laser Direct printer is on its last legs and I'm looking at a network HP Laser with a Duplex facility. Also the Colour HP Deskjet 6127 looks very good as I use one at Work. Near silent, good quality text, reasonable speed and it is duplexed and networked as standard.
Does !Printers support this kind of printing? Any ideas anyone? -- Stuart Halliday The Acorn Cybervillage http://acorn.cybervillage.co.uk/ Support us - http://www.cafepress.com/AcornCV/ Remove 'takeoutthisbit' to r.... read more

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10/06/2018 10:19
Hi All, A slightly odd message appeared on my screen when I turned on my VRPC this morning: File '...SpamStamp.Backup' is a file so I started delving around looking for missing emails but haven't been able to work out the whole sequence from download to an email appearing in Messenger.
I also received a debatch failed message from Messenger :( I did succeed in finding a mail which I thought I'd never received back in October though! I wonder if anyone could outline the process fo.... read more

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09/06/2018 10:19
Is there a SWI that returns the name associated with a service number ? Lenny.

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05/06/2018 10:19
Apologies for asking what must have been covered many times over.
Currently our working system consists of 1 RiscPC RISCOS 4.39 with a full monty unipod 2 A9h 3 Solwise router, with a crossover socket.
All of the above connected into...
4 D-Link hub.
The above has all worked well since the A9h joined the stable.
Now a Windows XP machine has joined up and there is a requirement for internet access. Connecting its ethernet socket (via appropriate cable) to a spare hub socket and running the .... read more

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30/05/2018 10:19
Anyplace Control Software announces the release of Anyplace Control 2.1 remote control software.
Like the best traditional remote access software, the Anyplace Control lets you work on the remote desktop.
Anyplace Control™ is a remote control program that can display the screen of another computer (via internet or network) on the screen of yours. The program allows you to use the mouse and keyboard to control that PC remotely. It means that you can work on a remote computer, as if you we.... read more

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29/05/2018 10:19
Whilst reading a thread, on broadband I think, I became side-tracked with curiosity when I read of ZFC chat on argonet. It would seem that, in a moment of semi-alertness, I must have subscribed - for I now have 176 more missives to peruse ontop of those from the acorn ng's.
I can't cope.
How do I unsubscribe from ZFC chat? -- Chris. Using British Iyonix and RISCOS! Managers love work! (They'd better; they have to watch it all day.)

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27/05/2018 10:19
Hi All: I had a Netopia router for the ISDN line - worked fine: accessing websites was very fast, and Google, for instance, would start to load after a very few seconds. Sadly, it died.
Now I have a Cisco 800 series router to replace it.
This works fine //once a channel has been opened// (indicated by the orange 'CH1' LED lighting up - green LEDs of 'OK', 'LINE' and 'LAN' are always lit).
On many/most occasions, after I try to initiate some web activity like askin.... read more

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26/05/2018 10:19
I have been happily using Firefox v5 - the Christmas day release version.
But today for reasons best known to itself when I now double click on it all I get is a task window with a revolving list of what looks like commmands - this just revolves till you press alt-break.
I haven't knowingly changed anything that should cause this, can anyone suggest what I may have unknowingly done and what I may do to correct it.
I have tried re-downloading Firefox and also checked the elfloader and t.... read more

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25/05/2018 10:19
In acknowledging the growth of related news traffic, I would like to propose that whoever does, should seek to establish a comp.sys.acorn.beagleboard newsgroup.
-- BW Chris F. [ British Iyonix, RISC OS 5.16 ] Wakefield RISC OS Show - Sat 16/04/11 - www.wakefieldshow.org.uk Who, at the BBC, knows the difference between 'less' & 'few'?

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24/05/2018 10:19
I have 3 ANT NICs for RiscPC, 2 of them have EtherB v4.23 and work fine with RISC OS v4.02 to v4.39. The third has AUN Discless Boot RiscPC600 v1.27 and does various nasties which I don't choose to investigate :-( Can anyone tell me where I might be able to get the third card's ROM replaced so it matches the other 2. I'm sure there was a firm that took over RISC OS networking from ANT Ltd but I can't find any link to it.
-- ______________________________________________.... read more

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22/05/2018 10:19
I downloaded a pdf from the MS Society website for S(WMBO)+(WILAC)to read: http://www.mssocietyalerts.org.uk/cgi-bin/viewoffer.cgi/775109 and loaded it into RiScript 5 to print it. It printed only the MS Society logo at the top of the page, the rest of the page was blank; !PDF printed it without problem.
Is this likely to be a problem with me, !Printers, RiScript or the pdf file? Any ideas would be welcome! With best wishes, Peter.
-- Peter / Prestbury, Cheltenham,.... read more

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21/05/2018 10:19
Can someone please explain the various IP addresses that appear in email headers. Please don't criticise where I have posted. This is a very very serious situation of threats that has occurred and I need to know if I can link a mail to a person from whom I have had normal mails. Do any of the IP addresses identify the computer or internet connection it came from? TIA.
-- __ ___ //_)) //__)) //__))arry //unchard mailto:barry.punchard@btin.... read more

8 answersclick here to view

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