27/03/2018 10:19
I am in the process of getting my PlusNet broadband account upgraded from 512k to 2M. The router is connected at 2M. As measured using Oregano2 the speeds using BT's speed tester are compatible with a 2M but PlusNet's speed tester is only showing 512k speeds. As far as I can see PlusNet have done the necessary and I have seen some increase in download speeds. However Oregano2 is still only showing speeds of 500kbps or less. On the other hand Firefox on the same plusnet speed tester is sh.... read more

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26/03/2018 10:19
Trying to 32 bit a C program using C vsn 5.51.
(First time using 'C' The program comes with a makefile and files.
Running makefile re-complies the code and a !runimage file is produced.
The program then run ok.
The program comes with a compiled risc_oslib, so I changed it for the one that came with the 'C' compiler and tried to re-compile.
The following error is produced.
ARM Linker: (Error) Undefined symbol(s).
ARM Linker: event__current_menu, referred to from @.o.WimpIfa.... read more

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25/03/2018 10:19
I've been trying to download sources-123.tar, but it gets as far as 14MB (Oregano 2) or 14.48MB (NetSurf), then stalls. Is there a problem with this file, or is it maybe broken in a cache somewhere on the Internet? Dave

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22/03/2018 10:19
Bill Gates has forecasted the victory over Spam in the next two years, however, a three-pronged strategy would soon stamp out the problem, he said in remarks at the world Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Is it time to celebrate or cry with laughter into our pint class.
-- Mick Martin, mmartin@foobar.zetnet.co.uk To mail me remove, foobar.

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19/03/2018 10:19
Has anybody ever got Frontier Elite2 to work on a PC card? Andrew

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18/03/2018 10:19
I posted before about this, but just in case you missed it first time, and because take-up has been rather slow, I thought I'd post it again. I have over 100 RISC OS software titles for sale, mostly games, but other apps too.
They'd make good Christmas pressies...;-) Please e-mail me at wulliemc (at) blueyonder (dot) co (dot) uk for a list.
William McNee -- West Lothian, Scotland 162MB StrongArm RISC PC 20GB Harddisc RISC OS 4.37

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17/03/2018 10:19
Hi, A long time ago (RO 3.1), I sometimes used the printer:$ window (IIRC) to directly send a specific sequence of bytes to a printer.
Lately, I wanted to do the same thing under RISC OS 3.7 and printers 1.53.
However *filer_opendir printer:$ gives: ™‚#:devices#buffer3:$.Parallel$ - the name was not recognised The error is also displayed when I click CTRL-Print in Zap *Show print* gives: PrintDefs$Dir : ADFS::HardDisc4.$.Apps.Printers16.!Boot.Resources.!PrintDefs PrintDefs$Path : ADFS::HardDis.... read more

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12/03/2018 10:19
Has anyone got Firefox to run on the Beagleboard xm? I've updated the required modules in !System.310, turned off exceptions and increased the next slot, but on double clicking nothing seems to happen although on opening !Firefox the stderr file has been written to saying Fatal signal received: Segmentation fault followed by a lot of details.
Alan -- alan.dawes@argonet.co.uk alan.dawes@riscos.org Using an Acorn RiscPC

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10/03/2018 10:19
Somebody has got a sense of humour. The version number of RISC OS returned by OS_Byte 129 on an A9Home is.... A9.
Dave Daniels -- ANTISPAM: Apologies for the mangled address. The name is correct but replace with ormail.co.uk

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06/03/2018 10:19
Hello, I've being attempting to talk to my camera using PTP with the Iyonix USB interface and libptp2. I'm having some success: I can open a session and get the device info, model, version, etc.
However, what appears to be particularly unreliable are sequences of bulk transfers of the form: Host --> Device: Request (12 bytes in this case, reliable) Device --> Host: Data (315 bytes, realiable) Device --> Host: Response (12 bytes, unreliable) Note the dev.... read more

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04/03/2018 10:19
If I load a text from any RTF into EasyWriter then I often get the problem that I can't change the formats of a line /block anymore. Isn't there a function in EasyWriter to kill all formats in a part or to kill a structure? May be I just should have a look to the manuals, but I use EasyWriter now since more as ten years and can't remember anything like this. One solution was to save the document as /txt and then load back into EasyWriter, but this comes with loose of all informations.... read more

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02/03/2018 10:19
I've just had a report that the SharedCLibrary RMEnsure line in !POPstar.!Run causes an error on RISC OS 4.39 despite there being a new enough version installed.
The format of the line is basically RMEnsure <module> IfThere <file> Then ... Else ...
which works as intended here.
Does RMEnsure (in 4.39) have support for 'else' clauses? If so, why has it been made GRATUITOUSLY INCOMPATIBLE? Why was a new command with the desired behaviour not created? -- | Darren Salt | d.... read more

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01/03/2018 10:19
Dear All, Has someone switched reality or something? I'm trying to get something to link.
I've #included <sys/fcntl.h> and <sys/stat.h> and <unistd.h> (all out of the TCPIPLibs library supplied with the latest Castle C Compiler) and then I link with: link -aif -o @.bin.prog -rescan o.Normal C:o.stubs C:o.Socklib5 C:o.Inetlib C:o.Unixlib prog.o and get: ARM Linker: (Error) Undefined symbol(s).
ARM Linker: stat, referred to from o.Normal(IO).
ARM Linker: getcwd, r.... read more

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27/02/2018 10:19
Hi, I've just been working on another one of my projects (a network scanner driver) and I need to implement a multi-column scrollable list box.
Basically, I want to have a list of IP addresses (or hostnames) down one side and a list of scanners down the other.
Another thing I'd like to do is something along the lines of the Message view in Messenger Pro. This has a non-scrolling region at the top of the window containing all the headers (i.e. read, subject, from, datestamp, etc) and .... read more

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26/02/2018 10:19
Its a long shot, but does any one here have one of these lying about they would like to sell? Thanks in advance Daniel

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