10/08/2018 14:54
I scored a nice SGI Challenger disk array (rebranded Clarion, it seems) from our excess facility, and I'm working it up to go onto our U80. From testing various configurations, it seems like I'll get the best throughput by splitting the drives into 2 independent striped sets, individually served by one of the two scsi interfaces on the chassis- then let Solaris do the mirroring. R5 on the Challenger is <really> slow- my U2 does better in software.
I imagine other ways of setting .... read more

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05/08/2018 14:54
Hi, I am running OSX 2010.11 on AMD and have big problems after a crash for two days ago.
When trying to import a ZFS pool it hungs after 31 of 250 filesystems.
The process zpool-pool00/146 is running at 33% on one CPU forever as it seams.
For some time ago when also having pool import issues under S10 I had do add in /etc/system set zfs:zfs_recovery=1 set aok=1 But this no longer works under OSX 2010.11 according to log when booting.

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01/08/2018 14:54
I was trying to compile ISC's DHCPd DHCP server on Solaris & x86, but it isn't working. I chose the ISC server since for me it's easier to use than Sun's server. But I can't get it to compile: when I define USE_SOCKETS in include/site.h, the compile fails with the following spew of errors from the linker. What can be done to remedy this problem? Or is ISC DHCPd just plain unusable with Solaris? ------- ld: fatal: symbol `if_reinitialize_send' is multiply-defined: .... read more

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25/07/2018 14:54
Just finished recovering from a major failure and management is finally considering allocating some people and money to removing some of the single point failures in our configuration.
Environment consists of a cluster of several database servers with replicated databases. Database servers use Solaris 9 and consist of 6800 domains with 2GB Qlogic Cards and V800s with 1GB Qlogic cards.
Storage is dual controller 3510 arrays. The goal is to have the majority of the database servers available at .... read more

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20/07/2018 14:54
Is anyone else having trouble with being told their Sunsolve accounts will expire unless they have a valid Sun support contract number associated with it? No-one seems able to explain what this number is. We quote system serial numbers when calling Sun support, but it seems that's not what they want.
There are extra idiocies associated with this. The URL you get to through edit account, i.e.
http://sunsolve.sun.com/private-cgi/edit-user-form.pl?viewmode=contractuser doesn't have anywher.... read more

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15/07/2018 14:54
Last time i wrong /etc/system, machine didn't come up after reboot I very gentleman wrote me down an help how to modify that file.
I don't remember the way to modify wrong /etc/system.
This time a collegue of mine wrong it.
I need help as soon as possible.
Thank you in advance

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10/07/2018 14:54
Hi, I created a diskset and added some disks containing data and found after that whenever disks are added to disk sets, the slice information is removed and re-generated. To cut short, i lost my partition. Luckily I have prtvtoc copy of the disk. Is there any possibility to recover the partitions and the data? Running with Solaris 9, SVM V880.

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05/07/2018 14:54
Hi, I have a Sun fire V240 (2 CPU's) that has a 3310 disk unit attached.
This server is a NIS and NFS server for the home directories of about 50 users divided over 10 clients (Linux and Solaris).
Once in awhile a user may generate too much data from a certain simulation software (about 5-10 MB/S). If this happens the nfsd goes to a CPU usage of 20%, and the system becomes (too) slow for interactive use.
My question is if there is any way on the server to get the ID of the user that is respo.... read more

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01/07/2018 14:54
Hi I created my_mutex of posixMutex type (basically pthread_mutex_t type) accessed by 2 threads, which execute the same section of code: void run() { my_mutex.lock(); /*calculates sth here*/ my_mutex.unlock(); } It runs perfectly on Linux with arbitrary number of threads, but on Solaris (ver. 8) it prints the following and exits without a core dump when only 2 threads are created.
ERROR -- call to pthread_mutex_lock() -- called on locked mutex Has anybody seen anything like this before? Thanks.
.... read more

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25/06/2018 14:54
Hi all, A couple of weeks ago, a few people expressed interest in my latest article, Building Software on Solaris, so I said that I'd post here when it was available. I'm happy to announce that the article has now been published, and is available from here: http://developers.sun.com/solaris/articles/build_sw_on_solaris.html Enjoy, -- Rich Teer, SCNA, SCSA, OpenSolaris CAB member President, Rite Online Inc.
Voice: +1 (250) 979-1638 URL: http://www.rite-group.com/rich

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20/06/2018 14:54
Hello All, I am in the process of converting our NIS stuff over to LDAP and have run into a snag. On the client box, root can su to an ldap user, but the ldap user is unknown if trying to su from an user other than root (eg: nobody) observe below as root can su to Joe Test, but user nobody cannot: # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # [ root@lclient1 / ]$ su - jtest Sun Microsystems Inc. SunOS 5.9 Generic May 2002 bash-2.05$ bash [ jtest@lclient1 / ]$ ex.... read more

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10/06/2018 14:54
Hi, I was try to dd the origional disk from Sun B1500 to another new disk before I go ahead to install Solaris 9.
dd if=/dev/dsk/c0t0d0s2 of=/dev/dsk/c0t1d0s2 bs=1024k And after 30 mins, get error msg like this: dd: unexpected short wite, wrote 409600 bytes, expected 1048576 7774+0 records in 7774+0 records out Any clue? Should I split these two disk to different IDE cable? Thanks!

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05/06/2018 14:54
This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
--------------010704050103000009080405 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii; format=flowed Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit -- Mauricio raub-kudria-com (if you need to email me, use this address =) --------------010704050103000009080405 Content-Type: text/plain; name=poo Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Content-Disposition: inline; filename=poo Stupid NFS question: I have a Solaris 8 box, moss, which is exportin.... read more

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01/06/2018 14:54
I am trying to install a cpio on a ultra45 newly installed solaris 10 machine, getting many errors like: Installing _kbc.cpio...
cpio: Unable to reset modification time for VERSION, errno 1, Not owner VERSION cpio: Cannot chmod() VERSION, errno 1, Not owner cpio: Cannot create directory sol10/bin, errno 13, Permission denied cpio: Unable to reset modification time for bin, errno 2, No such file or directory cpio: Cannot chmod() sol10/bin, errno 2, No such file or directory --- umask is 022, when.... read more

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25/05/2018 14:54
I have a 20 drive SGI Challenge labelled Clariion unit (circa late 90's I think)- each drive is 7200 rpm 18 gig. The chassis is 2 channel diff scsi, I have each channel connected to its own controller in a U80. Thats all working fine.
Not having experience with raid units, I'm trying out various concepts for allocating the drives, but so far I've been unable to find a configuration that will give me better than 10 megabytes/sec throughput. The local drives in the U80 routinely exc.... read more

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