Midgrade Ranting with a touch of linux....
10/01/2018 9:30
Hey Guys, This is just a quick rant. I had a job interview at a semi-largefacility the other day. They run a Novell shop, 2 IT departments andhave multiple stores throughout the US. I met with VP of Technologyand everything was going decent. After speaking to him for a fewminutes, the conversation turned to linux (naturally). I asked himbasically Have you looked at linux for a rollout they were planning.

His answer was basically because of the SCO lawsuit, I wouldnt putmy ass on the line for linux. He got kinda nasty about it. At thatpoint, I pretty much thanked him for his time and realized I dont wantto work there.

I dunno, maybe I am just sick of all the negative publicity that SCOhas caused. Maybe I am a little turned off who don't have a passionabout technology like I do. But to close your mind, open your walletto Microsoft and laugh at the open source movement really ticks meoff. I really wanted to say to him SCO lawsuit? And Microsoft has aspotless record? or uhm, would it be better to go to thestockholders and say you wasted all that money as opposed to savinghundreds of thousands of dollars? Did this guy even read thelawsuit??? I am really really annoyed by IT Managers who just look attheir job as a paycheck and get threatened by people who live theirlives around technology. Ok, enough ranting, I have to go waste mytime doing a FAT32 to NTFS conversion...

Ready, Aim, Flame....

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10/01/2018 9:30 - Mike, Not aiming to flame... I am now an independent consultant, after 15 yearsworking for a large international IT Consultancy, and a Linux user; andhave helped roll out Linux to a few companies now.

To be honest, with the uncertainty of the outcome (looking at it logicallyand having read the main press and a lot on Grocklaw, SCO shouldn't win,but the world can often throw a curve ball) and the possibility of havingto pay SCO for licenses or being sued by them for using Linux, manymanagers will take the safe (non-Linux - note, not necessarilypro-Microsoft) route.

It has nothing to do with a passion for technology, it is having to answerto the board and stock-holders. If he pays through the nose for thesoftware but doesn't land the company in legal hot water, he will be prettysafe. If he takes Linux and the company get slapped with a law suit, thecompany wouldn't look too kindly on it; it can affect their stock ratingand their ability to get credit and possibly cost more in legal fees thanthe Microsoft software licenses.

Here (Germany) there is a big move to Linux in local government, some statesand cities are switching. But big businesses are tending to be careful. As for Microsoft's record, well, they are often sued, but because they haveclosed source code and restrictive license agreements, their cases won'tusually end up with the end user being sued for using Windows or Office orwhatever.

Until IBM get their summary judgment or Darl McBride wakes up and smellswhat he is shoveling, many companies will take the safe course... It wasthe same in the 70's and 80's nobody ever got fired for buying IBM.Microsoft has replaced IBM as the evil pigopolist that everybody loves tohate in the last 10 years.

Yes it is frustrating and yes it can seem unfair, but at the end of the day,it is *their* decision... Now it is your decision, how badly you need thework... ;-) Dave

Source is Usenet: alt.os.linux.suse
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10/01/2018 9:30 - I was going to agree with Mike (not that I do not) but David is quite right.

This guy is just covering his butt by not wanting to take a chance. IMO scohas not a chance in hell, but sometimes things don't always take the'right' path. It's sad but true. Passion about technology is one thing, butproviding for one's family is quite another. JesterDev

Source is Usenet: alt.os.linux.suse
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